Training Center for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification was established in 2018 with the support of the project “Promotion of Sustainable management of production forests of state forest companies in Vietnam” (PSFM) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Training Center   belongs to the Forest Science Center for North  of Central Vietnam (FSCV) under Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS). 

The Training Center aims to be the leading organization providing training services of capacity development for forest owners and stakeholders to meet the national and international requirements of sustainable forest management, contribute to socio-economic development, mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 

Training Center is responsible for providing training, capacity building services related to SFM and FC nationwide.


The Competence Center has 11 trainers. They are researchers and experts of FSNC under VAFS and 3 technicians of Truong Son SFC. The trainers have many years of experience in scientific research and forestry production practices. The trainers have been trained by national and international experts on pedagogical skills, group-working guidance skills, on-site practical skills on topics related to SFM and FC.

Dr. Pham Xuan Dinh

Forest certification expert

Dr. Nguyen Thi Lieu

Forest certification expert

MSc. Pham Tien Hung

Forest economics expert

MSc. Nguyen Hai Thanh

Forest management expert

Dr. Vu Duc Binh

Environment and biodiversity expert

MSc. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga

Monitoring and evaluation expert

MSc. Le Xuan Toan

Forest certification expert

MSc. Ha Van Thien

Forest management expert

MSc. Nguyen Thi Kim Vui

Forest management expert

MSc. Le Cong Dinh

Biodiversity conservation expert

MSc. Hoang Van Tuan

Reduce impact logging expert

Training sites

There are 2 training sites in Quang Binh and Quang Tri. 

In Quang Binh, there are 04 training sites of mainly natural forest, marked as TS01-04 at Truong Son State Forest Enterprise. Those sites are for activities: forest inventory, forest enrichment, harvesting, reduced impact logging, forest road building, biodiversity, and other silvicultural activities.

In Quang Tri, there are 09 training sites of acacia and pine trees plantation forests of a total of 640 ha managed by FSNC. Those sites are for activities: thinning, forest planning, inventory, mapping, introducing plantation trees. The forests have different ages and quality which show the effectiveness of silvicultural care. For more detail, please download here.

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