Openning 5 training courses on SFM and FC in 2021

In order to implement the 2021 plan of the project “Capacity and knowledge development for applied forest management practices for state forest companies and smallholders in Vietnam”, Training Center for SFM and FC is expected to open 5 training courses on SFM and FC with duration from 3-5 days/course in October and November, 2021; Each course will not exceed 15 participants.

Location: Training course will be held at the headquarter and the research training site of the Training Center in Dong Ha City; Courses can be switched to online if the Covid epidemic is complicated.

Content of 5 courses including:

  1. Sylviculture for plantation forest
  2. Management and seedling production
  3. Environment impact assessment and social impact assessment
  4. Sustainable NTFP harvesting
  5. Fix the Corrective Action Request (CAR) in Forest Certification

 Objects: Technical staffs from forestry companies, households seedling production, forestry cooperatives.

Training cost is covered and supported from the state budget and other contributions.

Individuals and units registering to participate, please contact: Phone number: 0914.628.246; Email:

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